The ISP Tools home page

(This document is still under construction)

What is isptools?

ISP Tools is a collection of utilities I have written to aid in daily UNIX administration.

It includes utilities such as a mask calculator, suid wrapper, pop3 utilities and others.

Joining the project

If you have any utilities to contribute, I would really appreciate it if you mail me so that I can arrange to add you to the project.

Although all the stuff I have written (and will ever write) is for UNIX, utilities for any platform is welcome - as long as it is useful and legal (you should be the owner) it is welcome.

I want it!

Below is a list of pages for the utilities

Other stuff that might interest you!

I have also written many other programs and scripts which might be of some use to you. They can all be found on my home page.

To comment on this page or the material presented here, drop me an email. My address is spam please.

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